From no kids to three…. when responsibility hits

So a year ago I started a new chapter in my life, I began a relationship with the lovely kirsty. This was great as we were good friends before and now we took our relationship further. I knew she had kids before hand and it was a massive step for me in the responsibility department as I had to go from being bad to being a step dad! At first it wasn't the easiest of roles as I had no clue where my place was and at times we didn't know how to label me just in case things didn't work out, luckily things did ,but I was chucked in the deep end if you will , bestowed with three lovely step children at the ages of 7,8 and 7months old. Luckily I'm a giant man child so the older two took to me quite fast , as we would watch Disney films or even let them do my makeup. But it was Orlaith the scared the shit out of me! Being a big person the prospect of a new born terrified me , someone so small in the care of someone so big ! I helped out with minor tasks at first such as making bottles during the night or rocking her to sleep , though I did mess up and give her the wrong formula and she was wired for the night. But a few months down the line I was given bigger jobs such as the dreaded nappy change ! Prepped with a nappy and wipes , I went in my god I never knew something so small could create such a smell ! This was all caught in picture form

As you can see in the photos above there was much concentration in my face as I was determined to get it right. I am happy to say I am now a nappy changing expert. The more I started doing the less I cared about other things I used to do , I'd rather have a movie night in then go out to the pub it was great . But there was still the feeling of what my role was in this new family unit . At first I found it difficult telling the girls off for doing something wrong , or to go and do something such as cleaning up there mess or tidying there rooms, as I'd get replays such as you're not my dad or I don't have to listen to you . Which to be fair they weren't wrong in the slightest, but kirsty dropped the hammer and told them that what ever I say goes as much as her own rulings . I know have my place in this little family of ours and it's fantastic , instead of bragging about nights out , I now brag about what the girls have made or done ! I feel like a real father and enjoy being apart of their lives. Plus I get to go to places like the safari park and zoo and act like the massive child I am and get away with it cause of the kids ! Our fist outing as a family was the safari park. This trip has stuck with me as when we got to the rides after seeing the animals watching the girls on the amusements was just priceless! The look of happiness and fear in their faces on some of the rides brought a feeling of greatness in me .
The next big step was introducing them to my family! As most people who may read this will know my family is just as nuts as me. But they caught off like a house on fire my sisters especially love Charlie , Poppy and Orlaith as if they were family already. We now do family meals and activities together and it's great .
What does the future hold for our little family? I can't say to be sure but I am the happiest I've been in a long time because of kirsty and her girls , and I couldn't be more great full for them to be in my life. Would I like a child of my own I'm asked a lot , of course I would , but at the moment I'm content with my three little beauty's .
Thanks for reading ,
You're friendly neighbourhood Mexican

3 thoughts on “From no kids to three…. when responsibility hits

  1. You sound very happy and contented and that is what most of us strive for in life. You have found something very special.

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