QOTM: which videogame character would do a better job than santa?

So who would do a better job than Santa in my eyes? Well the God of war himself Kratos! After defeating all the Greek gods Kratos finds himself with a lot of spare time, whilst out and about he finds out that st. Nick has disappeared and children have began to vanish. So Kratos’s fatherly instincts kick in and begins to investigate. After discovering that the mythical Krampus is out kidnapping children , he takes Apollo’s chariot and soars through the night sky searching for the foul creature. When Kratos finally confronts the hoofed beast an epic battle breaks out after endless hours of battle commence Kratos relinquishes the head of Krampus from his body and saves the day ! But of course Santa is too weary to make the Christmas Eve deliveries so he Arms Kratos with the naughty and nice list and his trusted sleigh! Now Kratos’s thirst for revenge and rage would most likely make all those on the naughty list regret being bad for the year, those on the nice list will be greeted by a new muscled Santa who will grant them the blessing of war and the gifts they asked for. But it’s Kratos’s passion that would make him the better Santa!

Feel free to have a read of the other candidates here Laterlevels And vote for your favourite answer here Click to vote!! Happy holidays everyone

16 thoughts on “QOTM: which videogame character would do a better job than santa?

  1. Interesting answer. At first I was thinking, how would Kratos make a great Santa replacement, but after reading your argument and how you integrated other god’s, I can see it!

    -Luna 🙂

      1. Yes it was, but I’m not technically entered in this month’s question so I decided to take some writer’s freedom lol. Thanks for reading!

      2. Yikes! You meant your post rofl. It’s early for me, I’m sorry. It didn’t seem longer than 100 words, but it was great! Especially stealing Apollo’s Chariot lol

  2. It’s so weird yet so fascinating at the same time, while in some way it also makes perfect sense given the world he lives in. Man what a fun movie it would be, as it would give a whole new perspective on a “Bad Santa”. Also, I gotta say that it was a great way of telling a short story within a hundred words, giving a conclusion but letting it be open to interpretation.

    Stay Cozy and enjoy the holiday! 🙂

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