Dungeon Situational – My Warlock Pact

Originally posted on GeekOut UK:
The Warlock draws his power from strange and terrible forces from beyond the world. Often evil in their own particular way, these are entities who cannot garner followers, and so must bargain for indentured servants to do their bidding. Cruel fiends, capricious fey, deranged elder things, and dead gods need…

Tatt’s the way to do it

Originally posted on Later Levels:
I’ve wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember. Not a sleeve covering an entire arm or multiple images inked onto various parts of my body; just a single piece of art on a discreet area of skin. A tattoo with a video game reference which subtlety displays…

Creative Christmas: Day 3

So I receive a manic phone call from ST. Nick himself, Elves are flustered and its up to me and a video game character of my choosing to save the day. Now who in this situation would I choose? Do i go for someone who is efficient in getting stuff done or do i go […]